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I love Kansas City!
Her fountains, her restaurants, her sports teams! Now I want to share with you… her artists!

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JAN JENSEN represents artists. A native of San Diego, she is a long-time Kansas Citian. Jan has spent her career as a musician, teacher, and fashion marketer—now she wants to share her life long journey as an art collector with others. “People know how to collect cars or fine leather, but they don’t know the valuable store of truly powerful contemporary art in this region. I want to connect them with a visual artist who matches their excellence and sense of style.” Jan curates several art spaces, including the Oak Street Mansion, Southmoreland on the Plaza, the Eastbrook Collaborative Event Space, The Grover Law Buiding, the Alpha Gallery, and now Jan Jensen Gallery Online. Find her at JanJensenArtists.com for more news and events or to invite a dialogue about becoming a new art appreciator or expanding our collection today.


When I listen to music or look at a piece of art, my heart feels so full I think it might explode. So, what do you do that makes your heart – well . . . bling?

Whether it’s the beautiful cityscapes, fashion design, or a sunset on the ranch, I’ve used the measurement of a full heart to lead me throughout my creative career. That’s why I represent artists. Their heart truly goes into their work. People need art. Sure, there is food, shelter, clothing, but there is also a need for connection. There is another branch to the tree of survival—that sense of belonging to community, well-being, and identity. That’s where art comes in.

I became interested in working with artists because people make a direct connection with an artist in a different kind of creative interaction that’s really valuable. When I worked in music with vocal and instrumental artists– my greatest joy was bringing together families, teachers, and performers—connecting people.

Bringing people together to find their creative family, a sense of connection brings me joy. When I worked in fashion, marketing direct sales to clients, finding the color and line that fit their personality and style was incredibly rewarding. The best part wan’t that we left with a new style– it was the people. Yes, people went home with designs just right for them, but they left with new connections and time spent together in community.

It’s the same with visual art. Art doesn’t just show what we are made of to the world; it reminds us who we want to be. It can be a bit of a soul-search; however, finding the right art for your sense of style and personality can make your everyday life, sense of

place, feel complete. And your heart…art collecting builds your sense of identity. I dare you to breach those interior spaces of your soul and call out this question “What makes you happy?

Black and White, Pop Art, Photorealism, Abstract, Figurative– the artwork you feel drawn to is not a flat thing or an object, it’s a story of life long experiences and meditations created by a studio artistAgain, that’s where I come in. I connect you with art and artists. I can introduce you to an artist whose conversations might bring new insight and energy to your collection.

Artists bring ideas to life. To them, everything is possible, or at least worthy of consideration. Let me connect you with a creative who thinks big—who makes the kind of art that makes your heart, well…sing. Let’s get started.

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