Tamela Blessed

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TAMELA BLESSED, is an award-winning and internationally known painter of unique stained-glass style florals and vibrant floral abstracts. A former executive in the Fine Jewelry Industry and Guilded Gemologist, Tamela’s artwork evolved after a diagnosis of a rare genetic brain disease called Cerebral Cavernous Angioma. After a series of painful surgeries on her brain and spine including an extra surgery on her eye that took six months to heal, Tamela says the miracle of life transformed her through a renewed faith in God. Painting is a way to express her joy and enthusiasm for life.

“Flowers remind me of the time and patience it took me to wait on the unknown. They grow up towards the light and their beauty stems from darkness. Without these trying times in my life, I would never have picked up a paintbrush! I sign each piece Tamela Blessed because it’s not about me, but about what God has done in my life and what he can do for others– a reminder of life’s limitless possibilities.”

Tamela Wagner is a speaker about her art and faith journey.  She is an advocate for Angioma Alliance and Art for Angioma Alliance. She exhibits her art across the Midwest and has exhibited as far as London. Read more of her story on FB @tamelablessedart.