Jeanine Cobler

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Jeanine is a mixed media expressionist artist who incorporates natural forms anchored with geometric shapes and lines into almost musical compositions. As each element is applied, the composition is moved forward until the final balance is achieved. “Cottonwood trees have a very special meaning to me, and many of my pieces contain impressions of cottonwood leaves and branches.” My goal is not to recreate images that can be seen in our world but to create new and unexpected images. I use geometric and organic forms, layers of color, and texture to create abstract works that draw the viewer into a new experience.


IamBlue Jeanine Cobler Who Won Jeanine CoblerGreengold-600 Jeanine Cobler

Desert Jeanine Cobler Flint Hill Redux Jeanine Cobler Drifters Jeanine Cobler

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