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Representational Art

Representational art – also known as figurative art – represents objects or events in the real world, usually looking easily recognizable. In representational art, the artist exemplifies superior skill in giving the audience their interpretation of the people, places, and elements of life that are found in the real world. These are the pieces that are so refined in their detail and aesthetic that you could almost reach out and touch them. Classic works such as the Mona Lisa or American Gothic probably come to mind, but representational art has come a long way in its exploration of how far we can push portrayals, and our local artists in Kansas City continue to do the genre justice.

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At Jan Jensen Artists, we are honored to showcase some of the most compelling representational artists the city has to offer. Through their work, you’ll experience our diverse world and culture in remarkable never-before-seen ways.   

The following works are all from artists represented by Jan Jensen. Click any of the images for more information about the piece and the artist.