Abstract Art

Still relatively new to the art world, abstract art formed its earliest roots in the deviations from reality taken by the Impressionists, which then began to gain popularity in various forms around the world at the end of the 19th century.

Abstract art is always connected to something visual from the real world. Although it’s often misunderstood, abstraction aims to take their subjects away from reality but present it in a way so that a connection to reality can still be made by the viewer. This may take the form of emphasizing lines, shapes, or colors that transform the subject or presents it in a non-traditional manner. Abstract art includes the subcategories of Minimalism, Cubism, and Precisionism. 

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At Jan Jensen Artists, we proudly represent Kansas City artists experimenting in the abstract. The following pieces highlight the very best in local talent.   


The following works are all from artists represented by Jan Jensen. Click any of the images for more information about the piece and the artist.