Lori Snow

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About Lori

Lori Snow uses black and white to make an impact! Black and white images catch our attention as infants and continue to have that same power throughout our lives. Lori adds the characteristics of pop art to that stark color palette as a basis for her work, then uses layers of unique tiles to tell a story.


The layering of intensiTiles® in various sizes of black, white, and gold adds a three-dimensional aspect to her work. In addition to making Lori’s pieces customizable for a space, the use of the tiles allows the work to have layers of meaning, a series of surprises on each layer.


And there always are the stories! Perhaps about strong women who are all too often underestimated. Or revelations of the many faces of a subject.


This self-taught artist who did not explore her talent until encouraged by a business partner, has created a delightful body of work that has found a place in the homes and hearts of art collectors.

Lori Snow