Polly Alice McCann

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About Polly

“I love words and images and the way they play together through symbols. I want my work to incorporate word pictures like dreams, tattoos and the song that won’t get out of your head. I want my art to grow and change with the viewer.”


Polly’s uses canvas of found burlap, jute, and linen, as the basis of her exploration into the ideas of homeland, heartland, and the imperfect improvisational daily life. The fabric is stretched over a frame, sized, and painted. Bold, imperfect stitching and soft sculptures are added as hallmarks of her works.  Over time that method has come to also symbolize her journey to live daily her improvisational life of mistakes and missteps, and embrace them in her art.  


Polly, a writing professor and founder and managing editor of Flying Ketchup Press, credits much of her creative work to her research on dreams which won her the 2014 Ernest Hartmann award from Berkeley, CA. Her joy is telling stories. Perhaps she can tell yours!