At Jan Jensen Artists, we take a relationship-focused approach to working with Kansas City artists because we know that will ultimately help us find their audience. Above all else, we’re curators of local artists trying to get their work seen and their voices heard. The better we know our artists and their stories, the better we’ll be at presenting them to the public in a way that’s engaging, honest, and consistent with their intentions.

Meet Jan Jensen

Jan Jensen is an artist herself, which is why she’s such a valuable advocate for the KC arts district and the creatives that comprise it. In her professional career, she has worked with countless artists hailing from all walks of life and creative backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re an MFA or self-taught. If you have talent, passion, and a unique perspective to share with the world, Jan is interested in meeting you and seeing your work.

The Kansas City art scene continues to thrive because it is constantly introducing new artists. This establishes KC as an epicenter of diversity and culture and keeps the audience coming back so that they can see fresh talent. Jan Jensen is proud to play a key role in unearthing new and undiscovered talent and bringing their work to the forefront of the Kansas City art scene.

To discover more about the artists who Jan Jensen represents, the best way to get to know them is by watching our interview videos.