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Textile Art

Textile art is one of the oldest forms of creative expression, going all the way back to the very beginning of civilization. Those familiar with the concept of textiles know that it was born out of human necessity in order to create items such as rope and clothing. The process of constructing and weaving fibers was one of the biggest leaps in ingenuity and completely changed how humanity bought, sold, and traded valuable items across the world. Textiles were a primary source of commerce. It wouldn’t be long before the work of textiles transitioned to a more artistic side, and common items such as blankets and clothing became more and more intricate. Over the centuries, the industry of textiles has advanced by leaps and bounds, and remains one of the most delicate and highly-regarded forms of creativity running today.

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Although textile art is considered somewhat niche in the Kansas City arts scene, Jan Jensen Artists represents textile artists that aim to keep the tradition going while putting their own unique stamp on the genre.


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