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It’s amazing to think that so many different pieces, styles, and mediums come to mind at the mere mention of the word “art.” That’s the beautiful thing about it – art can mean anything to anyone. It is a feeling frozen in time on the canvas, the purest form of interpreting one’s imagination into something tangible that can be experienced by others. Art is infinite and without boundary, capable of being both a historical reality or a mind-bending surrealist fiction. And although we don’t always know what a piece means or what the artist intends, as spectators, we know when that trigger of emotion is pulled within us until something clicks.

Jan Jensen, Owner

The art we remember are the pieces that make us feel.

At Jan Jensen artists, we specialize in curating vivid and emotive work from Kansas City’s local artists and connecting them with the audience they never knew they had.

With all her years of experience speaking with creators and the people that enjoy their work, Jan has become a trusted liaison in the Kansas City art community known for building meaningful relationships and finding the gallery spaces that best showcase local talent. Her goal is to make art accessible and approachable, even to those who are new to the local art scene and may not know what they like. Think of her as your personal art curator, concierge of all things creative, and taste-maker. No matter what size or style of art you’re looking for, she can find the perfect piece to fit your personality and budget.

At Jan Jensen Artists, we grow the Kansas City art scene through making connections and promoting imaginative work.

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