Tanis Meyers

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About Tanis

Art has always been important in Tanis Meyers’ life. But the real fun began when she discovered that her artistic passion is fiber art! The colors, textures and movement are perfect for bringing her three-dimensional ideas to life.


Tanis is a fibers and mixed-media artist who uses vividly-colored yarn, custom-painted canvases, and fluid, free-form shapes to create 2D and 3D pieces of art. Her goal–when creating and naming pieces–is to evoke memories of shared feelings, common events, or subjects in life that make the viewer feel happier, included, loved, balanced, and peaceful.


Born into a home of artists, makers, and creators who encouraged creativity and artistic exploration, Tanis grew up surrounded by silversmiths, taxidermists, sculptors, and quilters. She was fortunate to have exceptional teachers and mentors from grade school through college, providing opportunities to experiment with collage, sewing, drawing, fibers, sculpting, ceramics, woodworking, welding, and painting. All of these experiences inform her current body of work.

Tanis Meyers