HUGO XIMELLO-SALIDO June Spotlight Artist

Our Spotlight artist of the week is HUGO XIMELLO-SALIDO who He shows at local venues and in our Oak Street Mansion location. Congratulations to Hugo as his work was recently accepted into Dab Art, a world-wide exhibit called “Art in the Time of Corona” as well as the “Queer Narratives Festival” in KC hosted by No Divide KC.

Hugo has had more adventure than expected this year. While in Oaxaca Mexico shooting a documentary about the Muxe community, to come be released Nov. 2020 he was made aware COVID-19 happening in China, but he continued with his partner on their planned vacation to Europe for spring break. Travels took them to Paris, Ghent, and Brussels but then their journey had to stop early. “From Brussels to Paris to New York, I could see fear and frustration on the face of many. I decided then that my next series was going to focus on COVID-19.” So back in the studio, he created two series of art relating to their experiences titled Je Suis Pre & Corona Virus. Check your inbox for our newsletter to see more of these inspired pieces! or Check out our website.

Hugo Ximello-Salido is a Mexican-American artist whose work explores cultural identity and contemporary society. He calls his work an act of “hope” to challenge stereotypes and commercialization. He describes his art as “an expulsion of demons and a dispensation of beauty.” Hugo’s major inspiration is Mexican colonial style, “La Catrina” (the elegant skull), and other culturally significant symbols such as La Loteria Mexicana (Mexican bingo), papel picado (perforated tissue paper), and Talavera. “I use a variety of materials, including acrylic paint, ink, gels, sand, papier-mâché, spray paint, and more to modernize, revive, and reinvent the Mexican art that inspires me.” Born and raised in Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco, Mexico, Hugo’s painting stems from a family background full of artists, a path he embraced when he came to Kansas City and wanted to express the shock of communicating within a whole new culture. His paintings have been displayed in galleries and at events in both Mexico and the United States (including at the Agora Gallery in New York City), and featured in documentary, “Art Views: Creativity and Culture in Kansas City.”

“I am fascinated by the dialogue between different cultures and traditions. Through my work, I strive to increase social awareness of the many parts of my intersectional identity and experience as a Mexican-American member of the LGBTQ community…. Three Things I Believe As An Artist. Anyone can create art; Art should be accessible and affordable to everyone; All work should be original.”

The scarcity of toilet paper was inspiration here.
Worth more than gold!
24 x 30″
​​​Acrylic & Ink on Canvas, 2020