Judy Crissey

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Award-winning artist, Judy Crissey pushes the limits in acrylic painting with her process-driven inspiration and practice. Crissey’s abstract work is rooted in a feminist neo abstract expressionism, or what the laywoman could call, conversations without words. Crissey taught young people for fourteen years at Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art which reinforced to her the idea that art is about process over product. Additionally, Crissey was influenced by her studies at the Kansas City Art Institute with Tucson-based painter, Josh Goldberg, and Phillomene Bennett of Kansas City. Crissey spent many years out west, and the warm desert hues can be seen throughout her body of work.

“I let the painting navigate my journey and together we often reach a destination that I had not intended. On this journey, my passion is the action of putting paint on a canvas. The repetition of patterns, line, shape and color art become intuitive as I release control. The unity of opposites, dark versus light create balance within the painting and with the combination of medium, it makes for one exciting trip. Through this mysterious release, I allow the painting to be what it wants to be.”

Art by Judy Crissey, it’s not just mixed media, it’s a dramatic range of emotionally driven journeys through dark and stormy places and into joy and light.